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Blackjack is normally played against the house. In fact, this is one of the aspects of casino games that make them different from poker. At the Texas hold'em tables, you're competing against the other players.

Blackjack tournaments combine the competition with other players that poker offers with the game rules and features of the card game 21. Various formats, rules, and prize structures are found online and off. But they all feature that competition between players that make tournaments so interesting.

Most tournaments require a buy-in of some kind. Like poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments use the buy-ins to fund the prize pool. But some tourneys are free to enter—these are called freerolls. Casinos use these free blackjack tournaments as a marketing tool to draw people into their establishment in order to get them to gamble real money on their other games.

If you pay real money to play in a tournament, it stands to reason that the cash payouts will be larger. These payouts are a function of the number of players, the entry fees, and the percentage of players who are getting payouts.

Here's an example:

You're playing in a tournament with 99 other players. Everyone pays $110 to participate. The prize pool is $10,000. (There was $11,000 in entry money, but the casino kept $1000 in order to pay for their effforts.)

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How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work?